The Best Premium Banana

We guarantee the best Harvest and Fresh Fruit

All processes of Luderson Premium Fruit Company are based on complying with the best quality standards and good agricultural practices, under this principle our business originates. Our fresh fruit is undoubtedly the best in the international markets maintaining a clear responsibility with our customers and consumers.
Our Company produces fruits free of chemical and biological risk contamination. We faithfully comply with all regulations in Ecuador and internationally. Luderson has always distinguished for high quality and healthy food.
From our farms to the world, the best Fresh Bananas from Ecuador!

Responsibility in our Fruit Production Processes:

All our processes are committed to quality and good service.

  • Luderson Premium Fruit Company, has always stood out for managing its production under the best agricultural procedures.
  • For more than 10 years, we have kept our good name as farmers and exporters of Cavendish Premium bananas, in the main international markets.
  • From Vinces - Ecuador, the most productive land in the country, we deliver the best harvest.
  • Our farms have an advantaged geographical location, being surrounded by a great biodiversity, adequate climate, rich soils, and abundant water sources, factors that contribute to obtain a final product of superior quality and supreme taste.

    We are always engaged with the best quality of the fruit, for this reason, every year we renew our International
    Quality Certifications recognized in the whole world.
    Our brands Don Rafa and Guim have been present in many markets in boxes 208 and 22XU.