Sustainable and Responsible Corporation

We are responsible with the environment and our communities.

Luderson Premium Fruit Company, maintains a practice of strict application of environmental standards in all its farms and in the process of fruits’ trade worldwide. Our careful program for environmental protection includes research, analysis, technical guidance and safety training. All this, in order to ensure the well-being of our employees, the species that inhabit our agricultural areas, and the environment in general.
We are a leader company cultivating the best fresh fruit of Ecuador, also specializes in diseases’ control, crop techniques, irrigation systems, waste disposal and re-use of our raw material, which serves as an Organic fertilizer for our plantations.
One of our priorities is to establish a basis of reliability, seriousness and responsibility between our workers, under them, we manage business relationships with our clients, that have allowed us to be constantly expanding, reaching millions of families in different places in the world, families that always prefer a fruit with exquisite flavor and high nutritional value.
We continuously seek improvement plans for our technical, logistic and agricultural processes, in order to guarantee the delivery of a product with the best standards, as well as, a permanent feedback that guarantees the learning and development of new skills in all personnel involved.
Welcome! We are Luderson Premium Fruit Company, a sustainable and responsible Corporation with the environment, the agricultural production and our employees.